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I never thought I would become a photographer. I tried every artistic medium as a kid. I drew murals every summer when I was a tween. I invented my own comic book characters during still life class in high school. As a young adult I started a electro band with my best-friend (Travis, love you buddy). I took on photography the same reason I took on psychology as a freshman in college. I wanted to understand my surroundings. More and more I realized photography has its own rules on what's real and what's make believe. Unlike psychology (where you were either sane or crazy) I got to choose between reality or fantasy. I was hooked.

I grew up a military brat in Del Rio, Texas. Due to that fact I moved around from Texas to New York to California. I have been in San Francisco for 22 years now. If it was not for the Housing Market Crash in 2007 I would have never decided to chase my dream of being a career artist. I attended the Academy of Art University (my dream school) for 4 years for my Bachelor of Arts in Photography. I had some amazing instructors who were truly passionate and encouraged my development (they never let me slack off). I am proud to have been in 3 Academy of Art Spring Shows (2010, 2012, 2013) and am very pleased to have ended with a 3.8 gpa. and on The President's Honor Roll.

In school I was encouraged early on to start working in the business. I jumped right in and started my photography business in 2010. My first job as a photographer was for SF-Station City Guide. Through them I networked and met some amazing music artist, venue's, and photographed some amazing stars (She Want's Revenge, Pink Floyd, and Portishead). I managed to work for some amazing designer's and production company's along the way and winning some truly amazing awards like Honorable Mention in The International Photography Awards (that's the whole world).

I am truly happy I chose photography as my career. I have been fortunate enough to work for some amazing talented people and clients including Restoration Hardware, SEPHORA, Vidal Sassoon, Benefit Cosmetics, Death Valley High, Leathertounge, Red Square Boutique, Stunner of The Month, Dark Beauty Magazine, 5 & Diamond, Sex + Design, Blush, Paul Mitchell, Jeffrey and Ava Productions, TMG (Temple Music Group), Vital Management, Queerty Magazine, C Sharp Productions, Wylde Life Apparel, Eat Drink & Play, Fuel Management, Surreal Entertainment, and SF-Station City Guide.


APA Something Personal Exhibitor 2015

Finalist Photographer's Forum 2015

Academy of Art Spring Show Acceptance 2015

Published DBM Magazine 2014

Honorable Mention Photographer's Forum Magazine 2014

Academy of Art Spring Show Acceptance 2013

Bid for a Cure (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society) Auction Charity 2013

Choice Artist WIX Gallery(October) 2012

Honorable Mention International Photography Awards 2012

Academy of Art Spring Show Acceptance 2012

Photo Finalist Photographer's Forum Magazine 2012

Photo Finalist Photographer's Forum Magazine 2011

SF-Station weekly publication 2010-2012

Academy of Art Spring Show Acceptance 2010

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